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"This is the first home exercise program I've ever been able to maintain. I love moving up in levels and seeing my progress. Thanks!"
- Gayle CanalesPrimeWellness Member
"I would recommend PrimeWellness to many patients to help them maintain their balance and basic strength, and avoid re-injury."
- Meggan Oliver MPT, OCS, RCAMT
"PrimeWellness is for everyone regardless of age or ability.  It really raised my awareness of the importance of balance."
- Ruthann Weida, PrimeWellness Member
"PrimeWellness is truly customizable. Each exercise module can be made more or less difficult to best fit me."
- Joanne Pearson, PrimeWellness Member

      2013 APTA CSM Technopalooza          |        2012 mHealth Summit EngAGE Pavilion

How it Works

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